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Add biometric readers to your existing access control system with BioConnect’s Enterprise Software.

The latest biometric readers to secure your doors.

Add biometrics to your existing system with BioConnect’s Enterprise SoftwareOne person, one identity, across the enterprise.Integrates all locations, users and devices into one platform. Enroll and manage users entirely remotely. Say goodbye to nonsecure methods of identity verification such as cards, fobs, badges, etc. and say hello to the highest level of security available to protect organizations from falsified access breaches in one comprehensive platform. 

Key Features


Trusted Access

Unlike passwords, keys and cards, biometrics cannot be forgotten, lost, shared or stolen. BioConnect brings together the world’s best biometric technologies, so you can let the right people in and keep the wrong ones out.


Privacy & Compliance

BioConnect’s unique, multi-layer security architecture provides real protection for data, users and infrastructure, along with dynamic, risk-based authentication.

Deployment & Integration

No rip-and-replace. BioConnect integrates seamlessly with your existing panels, readers and access control software. Multiple, different vendors? No problem.

Use Cases

What can you protect with BioConnect Enterprise?

Building Access

IT Room / IDF Closets

Operational Control Room


Privacy & Compliance

Consent Tracking

Capture and track user consent for enroll and use of their biometric data in an auditable manner. Prevent biometric enrollment of users who have not completed the due diligence by providing consent. This feature covers both traditional biometric as well as mobile platforms.


What is consent tracking for biometric systems?

Within the next three years most enterprises will be operating in jurisdictions that require consent from users before biometric enrollment, following in the footsteps of Europe (GDPR), Illinois (BIPA) and California (CCPA). Traditional point-to-point integrations can easily create gaps in your operational controls that can result in breaches and fines.

Gather User Consent for Biometric Capture

To help comply with biometric privacy laws in various parts of the world, the BioConnect Trust Platform enables you to capture user consent for enrolling biometric data. A unique alphanumeric code will be emailed to the user after completing a Consent form. This alphanumeric value is further validated at the time of enrollment and the enrollment is allowed to take place only if the validation is successful. The date and time of consent and enrollment is captured for auditing purposes.

Recommended Products

Which products should you use to secure access to these areas?

Integration & Deployment

Integrated into 80%+ of the Top Access Control Manufacturers

We’ve done the heavy lifting. BioConnect Enterprise integrates into your existing Access Control Solution.

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