Financial Services

Protecting institutions and improving customer experience.

Protect high-risk financial transactions using biometrics. Say goodbye to RSA tokens and hello to an improved customer experience that reduces fraud.

The financial services industry is changing. Well-established institutions are experiencing increasing demand from their customers for higher security with decreased friction. From the user’s perspective – it can be extremely frustrating to remember passwords, pins, and PVQ’s (personal verification questions). Institutions must work quickly to create pathways for their customers that reconcile these demands while also meeting security, compliance and audit requirements. 

Identity Assurance

Unlike passwords, keys and cards, biometrics cannot be forgotten, lost, shared or stolen. BioConnect brings together the world’s best biometric technologies, so you can let the right people in and keep the wrong ones out.

Privacy & Compliance

BioConnect’s unique, multi-layer security architecture provides real protection for data, users and infrastructure, along with dynamic, risk-based authentication.

Identity Binding

A trusted transaction requires knowing who is on either side. Identity binding offers immediate detection of malicious activity, geographic and time anomalies, and provides actionable incident management.

Of hacking-related breaches, 81% leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords. An identity is stolen every 3 seconds and over 80% of organizations are victims to identity fraud.

Financial Services Uses

What can you protect in the financial services industry?

Digital Transactions

Secure VPN Access

Digital Application Access

Vault Access

Building Access

Recommended Products

Which products should you use to secure access to these areas?

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Key Features


Trusted Access

Get complete identity assurance with trusted authentication methods such as biometric facial verification.


Remote Enrollment & User Management

Physical credentials such as cards and fobs are hard to revoke. The BC Mobile authenticator can be issued and revoked – and a user can enroll – entirely remotely.


Compliance & Audit Regulations

A complete picture of all transactions. True multi-factor authentication provides exact identity assurance of the person who actually completed the transaction or access attempt. 

Not sure which device is for you?

Speak to one of our experts to create the perfect security solution for your needs.