Secure narcotic safes, hazardous areas and authorized personnel zones with biometrics.

Contactless and secure access to protect narcotics, hazardous areas, and authorized personnel zones.

The healthcare industry has numerous requirements around privacy and compliance. Secure access is needed to protect access to narcotics as well as infrastructure that houses critical data (ex. Patient information and PII). Not only must the access be secured, but audit logs are necessary to ensure you know who has had access to what, where, when and why.


Privacy & Compliance

Adaptable to local requirements and changing regulatory requirements. Add biometric security to help meet HIPAA compliance. 

Contactless Access

Eliminates potential contamination with contactless authentication options using mobile and facial authentication methods.

Trusted Access

Let the right people in and keep the wrong people out using the latest biometric and mobile technologies.

Healthcare Uses

What can you protect in the healthcare industry?

Ambulance & Firetruck Narcotic Safes

Pharmacy & Drug Storage

Hospitals, Medical Clinics & Dentists

Veterinary Clinics

Assisted Living

Hazardous Material Storage

Recommended Products

Which products should you use to secure access to these areas?

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Key Features


Trusted Access

Let the right people in, and keep the wrong ones out with trusted authentication methods such as biometric fingerprint verification.


Reporting & Compliance

Know who is accessing what and when with automated email security alerts and insights.


Flexible & Customizable

Built for all sorts of environments. BioConnect offers many sizes and configurations to fit whatever your needs may be.