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HID Mobile Credential Integration

Use BioConnect’s Biometric Mobile Authenticator at any HID Mobile Access Compatible Door




Mobile authentication for door access

The BioConnect HID Mobile Credential allows any organization to implement and ensure trusted access for all their physical security needs. Unlock any HID Mobile Access compatible door with the BC Mobile Authenticator app. Add biometric authentication or a simple yes/no to your existing HID devices.

Key Features

Adaptive Authentication

Select PIN and/or Biometric Adaptive Authentication based on configured threat levels.


Secured Provisioning

Secured issuance of mobile credential and associated biometric enrollment so you can trust that the right person is enrolling 

Biometric Access

Biometric identity verification has the best in market accuracy for higher levels of security.

Biometric Template Security

Biometric templates are saved locally on the phone to ensure no templates are sent the cloud.

Smart Doors

Intelligence at the door to ask questions before entry ex. COVID Health Survey or a compliance-related pre-entry questionnare.

Advanced Security Scheduling

Turn on/off adaptive authentication or surveys at designated doors/times

BioConnect HID Mobile Credential

Authentication Methods

With the BioConnect Link Mobile app, utilize the latest mobile access technology such as biometric and survey authentication. Users can be enrolled entirely remotely and use their mobile device to verify their identity when accessing a data server cabinet. Already using a digital authenticator? Leverage your existing authenticator apps such as HID Mobile Credential, DUO, Ping ID and Okta.

Biometric Verification


Enable biometric face authenticate to verify your identity right from your mobile device.

Yes/No Approval


 Enable trusted access by approving or denying access via mobile push notification.


Customizable surveys to create a dialogue with visitors & contractors ex. Request Contextual Data such as Service Ticket Number, Length of Access, License Number


What is the HID - BioConnect Integration?

The HID – BioConnect integration brings the capability of HID’s Mobile credential solution to BioConnect’s Trust platform. This allows users to start using HiD mobile credential inside the BioConnect Mobile app – which can utilize all of BioConnect platform’s capability including 2FA authentication using biometrics, survey and wellness authentication.

A customer can use just one application on their phone to leverage both applications. HID Mobile SDK is embedded in BCMobile. Credentials, and users are synced from HID origo platform.

What are the benefits of this integration?

  1. Secured Provisioning via email for biometric enrollment

  2. Biometric modalities have best in market accuracy and are saved locally on the phone to ensure no templates are sent the cloud.

  3. Biometric Authentication for higher level of security

  4. Intelligence at the door to ask questions – such as a survey, or asking Covid questionnaire etc.

Does the HID Mobile Credential require the BioConnect Link hardware?

HID Mobile Credential support within BioConnect Mobile does not require Link hardware or any additional component other than the mobile enabled HID reader.

If the customer has physical access cards in addition to digital mobile credential and wants BioConnect Link driven mobile stepups for the cards then a Link hardware is required. This is the normal scenario without the Mobile Credential.

How do I assign credentials and add users into BioConnect?

BioConnect Trust Platform can be enabled to sync with Origo portal. It syncs users,email and Invitation code. This invitation code is used for registering the Mobile SDK, which when activated has mobile IDs.

Users must exist in Origo with proper credentials for BioConnect to leverage for Mobile credential.

How am I charged for this integration - do I have to pay extra for this credential?

There is no extra fee for the integration. BioConnect charges by per access point that has BioConnect Mobile active.

Do I still need Origo portal?

Yes, Origo portal must still be used to create users, active for Mobile, assign Mobile IDs. We plan to bring this functionality to BioConnect cloud in a future release.

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