Security for your students, staff, visitors, and critical data with biometrics.

Add biometrics to protect students, faculty, dorms, and sensitive data

Schools and universities house extensive personal data on faculty, students, and alumni. Schools have the responsibility to protect not only the data of students and faculty but the people themselves. BioConnect’s biometric solutions provide secure access to both physical and digital assets by letting the right people in and keeping the wrong ones out. 

Identity Assurance

Schools have the responsibility to protect not only the data of students and faculty, but the people themselves. Schools must protect the physical safety of their staff and students by letting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out.

Contactless Access

Safely re-opening schools and campuses is critical right now. Schools need to be able to screen students, faculty and visitors to ensure the health and safety of their people.

Compliance & Reporting

Schools and universities house extensive personal data on faculty, students and alumni. Audit logging and reporting is essential for managing access and meeting compliance requirements.

Education Uses

What can you protect in the education industry?

Building Access

Dorms and Residences

Fitness Facilities & Athletic Departments

Labs and Medical Facilities

Recommended Products

Which products should you use to secure access to these areas?

Not sure which device is for you?

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Key Features


Trusted Access

Let the right people in, and keep the wrong ones out with trusted authentication methods such as biometric fingerprint verification.


Remote Enrollment & User Management

Physical credentials such as cards and fobs are hard to revoke. The BC Mobile authenticator can be issued and revoked entirely remotely based on a user’s status with the school.


After Hours Access

Turn on biometric authentication for after hours access for an additional layer of security.

Lockdown Scenario

Quickly and easily identify who is where and when in the event of an emergency lockdown scenario

Trusted to protect the most secure areas around the world.

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